Automatic Rotating Garden Sprinkler

£28.99 £44.99


  • Water your garden, revive your yard, or let the children have a good time water day outside!
  • Regardless of whether you are a green thumb or simply attempting to keep your grass alive, it is far simpler to water outside plants when you don't need to remain there holding a trigger press sprayer in the sweltering sun
  • Protect your flowers, feed your yard!
  • Tough enough to hold up to the elements including rain as well as playful children.
  • Our exceptional evaluation sprinkler made with rustproof ABS plastic. It showers enormous regions of your yard, garden and outdoor areas with three 360-degree turning arms

  • Water-Saving Design with 360-degree pivot include and the three spout shower, the Automatic Rotating Garden Sprinkler can water your nursery well in an effective way
  • Successful water sprinkler water system framework
  • Select plan of water-saving gadget can be focused to save water most by changing the water thickness, size, and degree

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