Portable Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart

£94.99 £174.99

Climbs Stairs With You

Sometimes you need a helping hand with your everyday chores. Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart helps you with cumbersome tasks like bringing groceries in from the car, lugging laundry up and down stairs, and moving around storage bins and heavy boxes. Its lightweight design holds up to 75 pounds! And when Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart isn’t in use, it folds flat to store. It’s perfect for keeping in your trunk, pantry, or garage!

  • Never do the heavy lifting: With Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart, it ensures that the big jobs gets done effortlessly. Holds up to 150 lbs.
  • Save time & labor: Stop wasting time from moving things separately back and forth to your destination. Easily transfer and carry anything with the Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart.
  • Use it everywhere: The Multi-Utility Stair Climbing Cart is an all around champion, bring it anywhere with you - Laundry Day, Gardening, Pet Supplies, Groceries.


✔️Adjustable Telescopic Handle - 3-position adjustable telescoping handle. Easily adjust the handle to meet various height needs. The trolley handle is also more sturdy than other carts.
✔️Heavy Duty Platform - Premium aluminum alloy material for longer life span and large capacity platform to hold luggage and shopping bags. It also has a high loading capacity for heavy stuff.
✔️Elastic Fastening Rope - Secure your goods with its easy fasten rope to avoid it from turning over or falling off.
✔️Foldable for Portability - Save storage space and carry this dolly anywhere you need. Compact and flat when folded to fit your trunk, home or storehouse.


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