Solar LED Rose

£29.99 £49.99

Searching for everlasting roses for your garden? Enliven your garden with these solar powered LED rose stakes! Beautiful at both during the day and night, these bloom lights will carry an invigorating air to your garden or flowerbeds. Ensure they're put in direct sunlight to charge. Enjoy an enchanting glow at night!

Main Features:

  • Solar-powered artificial flowers with 3 rose heads
  • Charging time: 5-8 hours
  • Working time: 5-8 hours after a full charge
  • Eco-friendly, weatherproof, waterproof
  • Made from ABS Plastic, EVA, Stainless Steel
  • A hassle-free alternative to real roses
  • Will bring a romantic atmosphere to any outdoor space
  • Perfect outdoor decor for gardens, backyards, weddings, anniversaries, and other occasions


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