Sprouts Machine

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Grow Your Daily Dose Of Sprouting Vegetables

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Now you can grow the healthiest greens in a manner of days! Green-Gainer is an automatic grower that turns beans into sprouting greens automatically.

Put your favorite beans on each level, seal it, and push the button, Green-Gainer will do the rest. In a few days, you’ll harvest a sprouting garden full of organic nutrients.

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Staying green and clean is easy with a dedicated automatic farm at home. Munch on the healthiest snack without spending half your salary in the organic section of the supermarket!


From beans to greens- Green-Gainer grows your favorite beans into sprouting vegetables inside it. The process is fully automised, all you have to do is wait.

Only the purest nutrients- Freshly harvested greens hold the most vitamins. With Green-Gainer you know exactly what you are eating!

A cheap way to eat healthily- Eat nature’s healthiest salads at a cost next to nothing. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a healthy salad when you can grow it.

Green-Gainer is the ultimate choice- With your very own mini farm you’ll grow the healthiest foods so fast you won’t be able to eat them all!

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